“After testing the formula for over a month on my own long, heat-damaged hair, I can say it’s wildly different from anything I’ve used. The Hair Elixir is silky, weightless, and nourishing to the point where I saw instant results. (Oh, and the scent? Unreal.)”

"Vogue alum Negar Mohammadi created 14th Night’s hair elixir as a clean alternative to the market’s silicone-based formulas. Oils like pomegranate, sweet almond, and argan are featured in the mix. 'I like to look for oil blends that contain argan oil because it is high in antioxidants and vitamin E, which adds shine and elasticity to hair,' says Kim Kimble."

"This highly concentrated oil, created by former Vogue staffer Negar Mohammadi, uses natural botanicals and techniques passed down from her Persian heritage, including real ingredients such as pomegranate, argan, and sweet almond oils. My hair looked remarkably shiny and noticeably less dry. The best part—in addition to the luxurious scent—is that it delivers the same results on my wavy hair no matter if I’m air-drying or heat styling."

"The 14th Night Hair Elixir is liquid gold. This silky, featherweight hair treatment has a luxurious quality unlike any other formula I’ve tried before — not to mention it's actually infused with a sprinkling of gold dust."

“Extremely long hair possesses the inherent drama of a voluminous dress or a fragrance with noticeable sillage; it doesn’t just court attention, it demands it. Suddenly everyone wants Cher hair – the longer the better. Here’s how grown-ups grow it out”

“If your office Secret Santa recipient is someone who’s always trying the newest beauty trends, she’ll love this clean hair oil from beauty brand 14th night, inspired by ancient Persian beauty secrets”

“Rooted in the founder's Persian heritage, this is a luxurious hair treatment made with natural ingredients with rich components of vitamins and antioxidants that leaves hair with a shiny, radiant glow."

Inspired by her Persian heritage, Vogue alum Negar Mohammadi’s 14th Night oil treatment is a sumptuous medley of time-honored fruit, nut, and seed ingredients—from fatty acid-packed argan oil to vitamins A, B, C, and E-rich camellia flower—to strengthen strands and promote a shinier, softer mane.”

"It provides the perfect, under-the-radar hydration for my ends that lasts through my blow dry without making my hair feel oily or weighed down at all."

“Turning to her Persian heritage, Negar Mohammadi uses prized botanicals from her culture like pomegranate, which she explains is “a royal fruit that symbolizes authority over death in mythology” and the oil from the seeds “literally brings hair back to life” as well as almond oil, which is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and Vitamin B7, commonly known as biotin, which helps with follicle growth.”

"This potent blend makes for a product that seeps into strands for maximum absorption, instead of traditional oils which tend to weigh down fine hair."

“This dreamy hair oil that hydrates, smoothes and repairs, because who doesn’t need a little update to their tired tresses right about now? Also, it smells *amazing* and is such a luxe (and beneficial!) addition to any haircare routine.”

“14th Night’s Hair Elixir is ON TREND. As seen in Modern Luxury’s Ocean Drive magazine – because healthy, shiny hair is always in Style”